A Tour of My Personal Filofax

With the influx of bullet journal posts, including one I wrote myself, I decided I’d show you guys my Filofax set up! I used to use a typical bullet journal, which you can see in my post about it, but I decided last fall to switch to a Filofax. I may explain why in a later post, but long story short: I wanted something more flexible. Like physically. You’ll see what I mean.

Let’s get into the breakdown, and I’ll take you for a little look-see on how I generally have this set up, plus what you can expect inside the dividers. Get ready for pictures, y’all.

agenda, planner, organization

the filofax domino, personal sized, in fawn (my absolute favorite color)

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5 Myths About Bullet Journaling

It’s January, and we all know what that means. New Years Resolutions. Yeah, those things. A big one floating around this year is starting a bullet journal, mostly for the sake of organization and productivity. Which is absolutely fabulous! But it also comes with the inevitable tweets about how daunting it is and the drooling over the “aesthetic” spreads. Some people are totally wigged out over the perceived effort, and others are jumping in with watercolor supplies.

With all that in mind, I wanted to do a quick post clearing up some misconceptions about bullet journaling. There are a lot of things that keep people from trying it, and I think it’s because social media has kind of developed an idea of what a bujo “should be”. It’s such a flexible system, and it’s important to know what it really is before jumping in.

Bullet journal

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