What’s In My Everyday Makeup Bag

Something everyone who wears makeup asks at some point is, “What do I need in my everyday makeup bag?” There’s a lot of answers to that, and everyone’s got different needs. And a lot of videos and blog posts about it show extensive everyday bags. Which is absolutely fine, people can and should do what they want and what they’re most comfortable with. But a lot of people, myself included, don’t go all out everyday and it’s nice to share that side of things as well. There’s an idea I see seeping through the cracks that if you love makeup, you have to go all out all day everyday. That’s just not true, nor is it practical.

Everyday makeup bag

It sure as hell isn’t practical for me. I work full time, blog part time (cue laughter followed by an awkward pause), and I’m a part time college student so I don’t wear a full face all day everyday. I just don’t have the energy. Even if I could, I wouldn’t always want to do that, my pores would hold a coup. Sometimes, you want to do makeup but it can just take way too damn long. Part of quick routines like this is cutting out the extra, and focusing on the bare necessities.

So here’s what’s been in my everyday makeup bag lately, getting me through the day to day without having to worry about a thousand steps. I’ve also included some whys and hows in case you’re wondering how to cut down time on your makeup routine!


On days when I’m not going to do too much makeup-wise, one way I cut down on time and products is to use a concealer instead of full on foundation. My skin generally just has one or two breakouts, and lately hasn’t been too bad (knock on wood). If I need heavy coverage, I opt for the Colourpop No Filter Concealer. It’s a lightweight formula that helps cover the worst dark circles or blemishes, but it’s a little slower to apply as I have to blend it out using a fluffy concealer brush. The shade I have for this, fair neutral 10, is my perfect match.

For when my skin is in better shape, I use the Glossier Stretch Concealer. You guys may have seen this in a haul I posted not too long ago with lots of goodies from Glossier. I love that it’s in a jar, and I can simply tap it on to whatever I want to cover. This is definitely the most natural option between the two, and tends to look most like skin. It also builds well without looking too cakey.

Cream Highlighter

Something which I find helps me look a little more awake and put together in an effortless way is highlighting. And I don’t mean heavy, heavy highlighting. I mean just enough to give me a little bit of a glow, which gives a very nice lively effect and can help brighten your complexion with very little effort. For this, I actually really love using a cream highlighter, since I only have to use my finger and I don’t have to worry about it rubbing off.

I’ve been using the Let’s Put a Bird On It Unicorn Dust Highlighting Cream which I actually got in one of the Goddess Provisions boxes! I’ll be talking about this subscription box later on, but bottom line: it’s fab for the modern hippie. This highlighter isn’t overwhelming, and is a lovely gold shade. It’s in a cute screw top tin, and I can easily throw it in my bag and head out the door.

Pressed Powder

Since I am a little on the oily side, I do like to use a setting powder over my concealer and even on bare skin. This helps control any oil that comes up, and if I want a little bit of extra coverage I can even use a tinted powder. This is a very lightweight option and can blur most skin issues I have without having to use a lot of products to get the job done. Is it the most flawless thing? No, I don’t get a doll-like look, and you see my freckles and that sort of thing. But it’s very natural and without looking done.

Lately, I’m really enjoying using the Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder. This powder is very light weight, and translucent. It blurs my pores, and also helps set my concealer for the day. I love this especially in my T-zone, where my pores and oil is most prominent. Application is very quick, and hassle free.

Brow Gel

Eyebrows… eyebrows, man. There’s a lot I could say about this, but I’m going to sum it up as concisely as possible: natural, bushy brows are a time saver. As much as a carved out brow is completely on trend with the instamakeup community, it’s a process! They’re gorgeous, but I don’t have time for them. Don’t let anyone fool you, it still takes time and precision to do a perfectly groomed brow.

I shave a lot of time off my everyday makeup routine by simply using a brow gel to groom my brows, fill them up a little, and then leave. I’m letting my brows grow out, so a gel is a perfect way to keep a natural look without having to worry about precise maintenance. Right now, my favorite gel is the cult hit Glossier Boy Brow. This plumps up the brows, making them just a little bit fuller, and neatly sets them in place for the day. The result? Tidy, slightly bolder brows in less than a minute. The gel can get a little all over the place if you’re a bit sloppy at applying (which I mean is basically me), but it cleans up quick with a tissue!


This is a tip as old as time. If you want to look more awake, curl your lashes and brush on some mascara. Honestly this is probably the most staple part of any makeup look, and really doesn’t require that much discussion. It’s pretty self explanatory and at the moment I don’t have any ~super secret~ ideas for you guys. I’ve been using the Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara and I like it, but I think I’m going to get a waterproof mascara as I’ve found that kind holds a curl the best. I do love how dark this one is though!

Barely There Lipstick

On days like these where my makeup routine is quick and to the point, I want my lipstick to be as equally low maintenance. As much as I love liquid lipsticks, due to the medium I do need to worry about precision, though I don’t need to worry about wear. And sometimes, I just want to slap something on and go. (But seriously if you’re quick with liquid lipstick teach me your ways because I just can’t put it on in under two or three minutes.)

There are a couple of advantages to using a more sheer lipstick, like the Glossier Generation G one that I’ve been using. First, the colors tend to be quite natural, so if it goes with the rest of your makeup or outfit in a way that you like isn’t something you really have to consider. Second, application is really easy and worry free. There’s no need for clean up or the threat of messy lines! Third, and certainly relevant to the Generation G formula, it’s long wearing. Touch ups are something I really only have to keep in mind after meals.

I haven’t used a formula quite like this one, which is why I’m referencing this one very specifically. But if you know of a formula like it, please let me know down in the comments! (Cruelty free please!)

I’m actually pretty happy with how I have my everyday makeup bag situated. It has the absolute essentials, and gives me a quick, easy routine to get me going on my day. I love going all out on my look, don’t get me wrong. But there’s something really nice about having a foolproof routine that takes a solid… five minutes. What are some of the products you have in your everyday makeup bag?


  1. Elizabeth Seal 10/24/2017

    Such great tips for on the go! Your blog is so beautiful, I admire you so much for still blogging while studying and working, it must be so tricky – i can’t wait to read more! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

    • makeupbykaelin 10/26/2017

      Thank you love! I really appreciate that, it’s so hard to keep everything balanced haha. I may do a post on it at some point, when I’m not drowning in work xD

  2. Han 01/13/2018

    I feel like mascara is an essential in everyones make up bags, I know I for sure coldldn’t live without it!

    • makeupbykaelin 01/13/2018

      I feel ya, I think I look so tired without it!


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