Glossier Haul | Phase 1 and Phase 2

If you’re at all involved in the beauty and skincare communities on social media, you will see Glossier mentioned at some point. Their IG feed is gorgeous and their Milk Jelly cleanser is quickly approaching cult status. After hearing about them nonstop, you get a little curious about their products. At least, I did, and after waffling for a while I bit the bullet. I was simply too curious about all the great things I’ve seen.

glossier phase 1 glossier phase 2

Phase 1

Glossier’s Phase 1 consists of their skincare essentials: the Milk Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, and Balm Dotcom. For this set, you get to choose which flavor of the Balm Dotcom you would like.

The Milk Jelly Cleanser is a non-foaming cleanser that you use on wet or dry skin. If used on dry skin, it functions as a gentle makeup remover. If used on wet skin, it is an equally gentle cleanser, ideal as the second step in a dual cleansing regimen. This is called a “conditioning” face wash, so hopefully it won’t leave my skin feeling stripped.

The Priming Moisturizer is just that, a priming moisturizer. I used to not be big on moisturizing, since I’ve generally had very oily skin. However, as I’ve realized how regularly moisturizing can help my skin, I’ve been using it regularly. I’m particularly interested in this product, since it could eliminate the need for me to use a primer in addition to moisturizer (something I generally can’t do).

The Balm Dotcom is a universal skin salve, which means you use it for healing dry, cracked skin. They recommend use on either your lips or on cuticles. I often get hangnails, and sometimes my lips are chapped, usually after allergies. This doesn’t happen often, but when my lips are dry damn is it bad. For this one, I chose the original flavor. So fingers crossed!

Phase 2

Glossier’s Phase 2 has their core makeup products: Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow, and Generation G lipstick. I wanted to get both of these sets as it seems like a quick, easy, one brand face I can do on mornings when I’m lazy, or if I’m wanting a fresh faced look. This set is especially nice in that you can customize it with your concealer shade, brow shade, and whichever lipstick color you fancy.

The Stretch Concealer has buildable coverage, with a natural, dewy finish. Essentially, it will look as if it’s not even there. If you would like a more matte finish, you can simply top it with powder. And just my luck, as soon as I placed this order, Glossier came out with their Wowder! Another purchase may be in order. I’m pretty pale, so I chose their lightest shade, Light (duh).

The Boy Brow has quite a few hefty claims leveraged with it, namely that it fills in brows, thickens them, and grooms them. Now, I’ve used a couple brow gels and none of them have been able to do all three things. Let’s see if this one lives up to the hype, because my eyebrows are both basically Left Shark (anyone remember that?). I chose the brown shade.

Finally there’s the Generation G lipstick, which I chose in Cake, a peachy nude. It will give a ¬†sheer, yet matte wash of color. This is also designed to have buildable coverage. There were some incredibly pretty colors, so if I end up loving this one I may just have to grab a few more.

Once I’ve used these regularly, I’ll check back in with a full review! After a quick swatch, I’m pretty excited about the color payoff. These may be great products for an easy, minimalistic morning routine. And god knows I need that.

Want to see more skincare brands to check out? Take a look at my haul and first impressions for Deciem’s The Ordinary! Honestly I’m on such a skincare kick it’s ridiculous. Have you tried Glossier’s products before? Let me know down below!

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