How I Use Tarot for Self-Care

When someone mentions tarot, there are a lot of thoughts that come up: fortune telling, divination, maybe a goat. The association is usually very mystical, and hard to grasp. Tarot reading, and cartomancy in general, is a very old practice that is steadily getting more popular. It used to be that the purpose of a tarot reading was to tell the future, to contact spirit guides, or the dead. This was at one time a purely magical practice. But, as it becomes more commonplace, the uses for reading tarot cards gets even more diverse. Many readers still use it for those purposes today, but that’s not all anymore. Now it’s also for healing, for psychospiritual development, for introspection. You can even use tarot for self care.

In my early teens I became very interested in tarot cards, magic, spirituality. I started trying to learn tarot when I was fourteen, but stopped. Now, ten years later, I’ve come back to it, and it’s become an essential part of my self-care practice, not just my spirituality. Especially since I’m wanting to work more on self-care this year, this is a way for me to fuse the two. There are a lot of ways to do this, so let’s check out a few of my favorite ways.

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My current favorite deck is the Mystic Mondays deck, isn’t is absolutely stunning?

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