10 Things to Stop Saying to Vegetarians or Vegans

For anyone that’s been openly vegetarian or vegan/plant-based for any length of time, you’ll know that there are often occasions where conversations can get a little… unruly. Whether it’s from concerned parents, curious friends, coworkers that are projecting, or internet trolls, everyone seems to have an opinion on it. Some of it is incredibly well-intentioned if poorly delivered, and some of it is just flat out antagonistic for some horrible reason.

If these have been said to you and you’ve been annoyed AF, I feel ya. If you’ve said these, maybe reconsider. These are mostly unnecessary, and are easily avoidable. Some of them even can be reworded to be interesting conversation starters! Others, however, are a little less salvageable.

Grab a coffee and buckle up, buckaroo, it’s gonna be messy.

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